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KTR-STOP<sup>®</sup> NC

Product features

  • Passive braking and clamping system with failsafe function

  • Absorption of axial loads

  • Multifunctional use

  • Usable as plug-in system

  • For different application fields (machine tools, general engineering…)

  • Hydraulically released system

The KTR-STOP® NC line is a passive clamping and braking system. The system generates a clamping / braking effect by applying force to the cylindrical piston rod or shaft in order to delay, stop, or hold its rotation in a standstill position. As well as providing extra-safety via it's clamping force and failsafe function, the KTR-STOP® NC system also absorbs axial loads and prevents the drive train from damages. Furthermore, the multifunctional versatility of this passive clamping system is not restricted to linear drives alone - as a holding system it can be used in a variety of areas, from machine tools and robotics up to general mechanical engineering. This makes the KTR-STOP® NC an ideal choice for all types of application.

Applications ranges

Machine tool:
- Positioning axes / feed axes, e. g. KGT
- Bar guides
Power transmission:
- Feed cylinders
General engineering:
- Hoists, hydraulic presses
- Rod, piston and shaft clamping
- Lift tables, e. g. scissor lift tables
- Hydraulic elevators
- Safety catching devices
- Blocking systems
- Systems requiring an additional safety device