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KTR-STOP<sup>®</sup> M-D

Product features

  • Clamping forces of up to 203 kN

  • Short reaction periods subject to the short distance between brake pad and brake disc as well as the low oil volume

  • Big pad surface resulting in small surface pressure, low wear of pads and low temperature

  • Low maintenance expenses because of a few mobile components only

  • Drain ports avoid leakages on the brake pad

  • Brake pads available from various materials

  • Easy replacement of brake pads

  • Suitable for rough ambient conditions

  • Can be combined with our couplings ROTEX SBAN, POLY-NORM ADR-SBA, REVOLEX KX-D SB and RADEX-N for wind turbines

KTR-STOP® fixed caliper brakes are typical service brakes which are used with low torques. All features of these brakes are aiming at operating reliably even under extreme environmental conditions while generating low operating expenses subject to its design.

These brakes can be designed with an air gap control to keep the air gap and thus the reaction time of the brake constant.