0 - 810 Nm

KTR-STOP® NC passive, spring-operated clamping system

Clamping system for cylindrical shafts and piston rods

The KTR-STOP NC series is a passive clamping and braking system serving for generating a clamping/braking force or clamping/braking torque on a cylindrical piston rod or shaft to delay or brake its rotation or keep it at standstill.

The KTR-STOP NC clamping system offers added safety, firstly by means of the clamp force it supplies and the installed fail-safe function; secondly, the system absorbs axial loads thereby preventing damage to the powertrain.

Application areas of our spring-operated clamping system KTR-STOP NC:

Thanks to the multifunctional nature of this system, the passive clamping can be used both on linear drives and also as a stop system in machine tools, robots and the field of general mechanical engineering.

Properties of the hydraulic (spring-operated) clamping system KTR STOP NC:

  • Hydraulic
  • (Passive) spring-operated
  • Shaft brake
  • Holding torque up to 810 Nm
  • Passive clamping and braking system with fail-safe function
  • Absorption of axial loads Multifunctional application
  • Can be used as a plug-in system
  • For various application areas (machine tools, general mechanical engineering, ...)
  • System with hydraulic release
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Application areas:

Machine tool:

  • Positioning axles / feed axles e.g. KGT
  • Rod guides Drive equipment:
  • Pushing cylinder

General mechanical engineering:

  • Lifting equipment, hydraulic presses
  • Rod, piston, shaft clamps
  • Lift tables e.g. scissors lift
  • Hydraulic lifts


  • Arresters
  • Blocking systems
  • Systems with necessary additional safeguards