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ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs l KTR Systems

Servicefreundlich auch unter beengten Verhältnissen

Bei der ROTEX SH mit Split-Naben sind die Nabenkörper in zwei Hälften geteilt.

KTR Online-Tools Screen by KTR Systems GmbH

Revision Online-Tools

We revised, optimized and supplemented our Online-Tools. Now it is even easier...

RIGIFLEX steel lamina couplings by KTR Systems GmbH

Project CAS

With the help of the "Coupling Alignment Scan" (CAS) displacements can be...

Active floating caliper brakes EMB-STOP SBT by KTR Systems GmbH

Our brake system for the marine industry

Control with local operation and interface to the bridge.

Steel lamina couplings RIGIFLEX-N-A-H open view by KTR Systems GmbH

New steel lamina coupling for easy assembly and disassembly

The new RIGIFLEX®-N type A-H consists of two hubs, one spacer and two lamina...

Backlash-free servo couplings RADEX-NC HT by KTR Systems GmbH


High Torque Coupling

Backlash-free servo couplings ROTEX GS HP by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR developing a high-speed coupling

KTR developed a new shaft coupling for drives with severely high speeds.

Thruster brakes KTR-STOP TB S by KTR Systems GmbH

KTR rozszerza portflio o hamulce ze zwalniakiem

The electro-hydraulic brake systems of the KTR-STOP® TB line are available as...