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Marine: Brunvoll

Brunvoll - The Classic Round Voyage

MS Richard With is one of 16 ships of the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten offering their guests a relaxing travel experience along the west coast of Norway. 590 passengers can book a place on MS Richard With. The ship built in a classic nautical style by the shipyard Volkswerft Stralsund has a length of 120 metres and is named in honour of the founder of Hurtigruten.  

The ship has a great deal to offer for the comfortable trip along a breathtaking scenery. „Enjoy the unforgettable views of the singular coastal landscape a major part of which still appears like in those days when the first Hurtigruten ships drove along here more than one decade ago“, the Norwegian shipping company located in Tromsø advertises.

This statement is reflected by the technical equipment of MS Richard With. As an example, bow thrusters facilitate manoeuvring and make landing and casting off smoother. The „steering assistance“ is supplied by BRUNVOLL located in Molde. The Norwegians specialized in marine drive and automation systems as well as bow thrusters including tunnel thrusters.  

Torsionally  flexible jaw couplings of the ROTEX series for torques up to 35,000 Nm as well as flexible pin & bush couplings of the series REVOLEX KX-D for torques up to 98,000 Nm are used­ as a connection element between motor and tunnel thruster. The elastomer damping elements in the couplings assume a vital feature for achieving a surplus in travel comfort. They uncouple the vibrations of the tunnel thrusters from the rest of the ship which you can feel and hear or not, as the case may be.