Heavyweight for high torques and large shaft diameters

POLY-NORM M is a torsionally flexible and fail-safe shaft coupling mainly used in shock loaded drives where high torques have to be reliably transmitted. This includes mill drives, shredder drives and crusher drives, conveyors, hoists and crane systems as well as heavy drives on industrial gear units and in steel mills.

The large coupling is made of nodular iron and is composed of a flange hub as well as a cam ring with an inside hub with cam geometry. Between the cams there are several elastomer series arranged one after another transmitting the torque. In addition the elastomers made of NBR compensate displacements and dampen shock loads and torsional vibrations. The three-part structure of the coupling allows for easy replacement of the elastomers while installed. 

The POLY-NORM M is currently available in eight sizes for rated torques from 100,000 to 5,500,000 Nm and shaft diameters from 100 to 900 mm. Considering its high performance level, the coupling has compact dimensions, as an example, the size of this series transmitting the highest torque, size 905, has a diameter of two metres and a length of 1.40 metres.

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