Oil/air cooler OAC eco2

Easy temperature-dependent fan control for your cooler

If you want to maintain the media temperature automatically at a constant level while the cooler is to operate as quietly as possible, the OAC eco2 oil/air cooler with fan control is the right choice.   

The new OAC eco2 oil/air cooler includes a soft start-up control allowing for a variable-speed operation for coolers with DC motors 12 and 24 volts. The soft start-up ensures that the motor exceeds the nominal power consumption by a maximum of 10 %. The motor accelerates slowly with increasing temperatures, yet does not overload the power supply

OAC eco2 oil/air cooler with fan control offers safety 

The OAC eco2 oil/air cooler control ensures in a temperature-dependent mode that only the volume of cooling capacity that is actually required is supplied. The motor starts from an oil inlet temperature of 40 °C reaching its maximum speed at 60 °C. The noise generation is kept as low as possible in this way. 

Oil/air cooler OAC eco2: Retrofittable with existing coolers

In addition, we offer you a oil/air cooler version with automatic reversing operation to blow out the cooling core. You may enjoy the benefits of the fan control even if you have not used it by now, since an existing cooler can be retrofitted without major conversion measures.


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