Virtual booth comprehensively updated

We have expanded our virtual booth with four new products and an application example from the "Pumps and Compressors" area. In addition, the virtual exhibition is now available in four languages.

With the SINULASTIC, the EVOLASTIC and the ROFLEX, we have launched three new coupling types on the market this year, which we recently presented to you in detail in our live events at

All important information on the three new products is now also available on our virtual booth. In addition, we have expanded the virtual product range there with an MMC combi cooler and a cooler cutaway model.

Virtual booth now in four languages

Also new is an application example in the "Pumps & Compressors" section, consisting of a KSB pump with motor and our new ROFLEX in between.

By the way, you will also find the two designs of the ROFLEX on the highlight area. With this update, the virtual booth is available in four languages:

Further languages will be added with the next updates.