"Standing strong during the crisis." - Interview with Nicola Warning in the Münsterländische Volkszeitung

'The subjunctive has little place at KTR', that is the start of the article about us in the special edition "Profiles - minds, companies, locations" of the Münsterländische Volkszeitung (MV) from 31.10.2020.

Yes, we strive to be move forward, and for the last three years in a row we have been able to achieve new record annual sales. The year 2020 also got off to a promising start, but like many other companies, we had to face some hurdles due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, it was always our goal to counteract it as long as possible and to always ensure our service to our customers.

How did we manage to remain strong during the crisis? In this context, Ms. Warning, the managing director of KTR, answers three interesting questions in the interview with MV.

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