KTR donates discarded PCs and Notebooks


Since 2014, we have been donating discarded PCs and notebooks to the Labdoo charitable aid project - in the meantime we have collected more than 200 computers.


As soon as a device no longer meets our high requirements, it is checked by our IT experts for operability and reset and thus prepared for the next deployments. Every computer we donate is fully functional and best suited for the upcoming Labdoo projects. Our donated devices are used in various projects in Germany, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Nepal.

About Labdoo

The nonprofit NGO Labdoo.org (German: www.Labdoo.de) is currently supporting more than 460,000 students and refugees in over 1,500 schools, orphanages and refugee projects in Germany and another 129 countries with free IT donations.

Disused IT donations (laptops, eBook readers, tablet PCs, etc.) from private or corporate donors enable access to IT, education, language courses and participation in the digital society world-wide.

IT donations can be obtained e.g. by. Schools, orphanages, private or government initiatives, children's or youth projects. Learning computers may be loaned to individuals for the duration of an education, but then go back to the applicant.

Everybody can contribute, e.g. by donating IT, bringing laptops abroad when traveling or just by telling about Labdoo.org.


Ralf Hamm, 1st chairman of Labdoo.org e.V., is happy about another 40 PCs and notebooks, presented by our IT colleagues Hubert Jörgens and Norbert Beckmann.


  • Donation electro devices by KTR Systems GmbH