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The precise measurement of torque and speed has become indispensable in modern drive technology with its variable and dynamic drives. The measurement results not only provide information about the level of mechanical performance of a system - the efficiency can also be optimised, and the environmental impact reduced from the determinations of the physical variables. 

The online seminar "Torque measurement in practice" is aimed at anyone who wants to know how a torque sensor is constructed, how it works and what needs to be taken into account when designing and installing them.

Torque sensors help to prevent damage in the drive train

"Torque measurement is essential for the development, design and testing of drive components as well as the monitoring of drives and their open and closed-loop control," says KTR product manager Juergen Koesters and adds: "Only a high-frequency torque measurement also maps the actual loads in the drive train."

These points and a few more are covered by our torque measurement expert in this webinar, which includes these topics:

  • Torque through strain measurement
  • Basic design
  • Properties of torque sensors
  • Measurement accuracy and frequency
  • Design and mounting
  • Overload solutions
  • Application examples
  • High Power Sensors

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