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General Drive Technology: Mondial

Mondial - Great Perspectives with the City Skyriser and KTR

Higher, faster and ever more staggering. With these thoughts in mind, Mondial, the Dutch carousel manufacturer, rockets young and old up to 125 metres into the sky at speeds of up to 90 km/h while catapulting their adrenaline to new levels. But with every incremental increase in height or speed, up go the safety requirements. As a consequence, only the best technology is used in Mondial’s amusement rides – for example with the City Skyriser mobile panoramic tower. This premiered at the Düsseldorf Rhine Fair in summer 2013, featuring three KTR components – one coupling and two brakes. 

The City Skyriser’s cabin, which can rotate 360°, is powerfully yet gently drawn upwards by a winch at a speed of 1.5 metres per second. It is here that the REVOLEX® KX-D 190, a torsionally flexible pin & bush coupling, ensures safe torque transmission from the planetary drive to the winch. Shaft misalignment, vibrations and all kinds of drive shocks are smoothly compensated for. The coupling consists of two identical hubs with pins and pocket holes on the outer hub circle. The torque is transmitted via steel pins with tapered elastomer rings. Due to its compact design which features axial plug-in, the REVOLEX® KX-D can easily be assembled and disassembled. The City Skyriser makes use of a customized solution allowing for torques of up to 22,038 Nm.

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