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Legal Changes in the Explosion Protection from July 1, 2003

The Product Directive ATEX 95 (previously ATEX 100a)

This directive sets up the rules for putting products into circulation which are used in potentially explosive atmospheres or contain explosive atmospheres. The ATEX 100a is intended for the manufacturer resp. persons putting equipments, components, protection systems as well as safety, checking and control devices in potentially explosive atmospheres into circulation – similarly to the EG Machinery Directive. Thereby the national regulations were given up in favour of a uniform and high safety standard. Following KTR couplings meet the requirements acc. to ATEX 95 (previously ATEX 100a) as defined by the EG Directive 94/9/EG: New! 1st addition

The certificates as well as the ATEX-brochure you can see and download here.

[Translate to Italian:] ATEX-Explosion Protection

Brochure Explosion Protection by KTR Systems GmbH

[Translate to Italian:] Description: The ATEX standard and the KTR programme for explosion-proof applications

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