ROTEX ZRS intermediate shaft coupling | KTR Systems

New intermediate shaft coupling from the ROTEX family

The intermediate tube of ROTEX ZRS is made of high-strength aluminium

Cooler test bench | KTR Systems

New cooling performance test bench at headquarters

KTR commenced operation of a new cooling performance test bench in Rheine,…

New standards in serviceability | KTR Systems

Digital LIVE-EVENT: New standards in serviceability

Join our digital LIVE-EVENT and learn how to save 7 minutes on every assembly


Webinar: CLAMPEX - clamping sets basic training

This webinar is a basic webinar on the topic of clamping elements and provides…

Range of split-hub couplings by KTR

Split-hub couplings: Advantages and applications

As a manufacturer of couplings with over 60 years of innovation, KTR is always…

REVOLEX KX-D with SPLIT hubs l KTR Systems

Assembly and disassembly without dismounting driving and driven side

The REVOLEX KX-D SPLIT consist of hub bodies separated into two halves.

ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs l KTR Systems

Easy to service even with narrow spaces

The ROTEX SH with SPLIT hubs consist of hub bodies separated into two halves.

KTR Systems at IFK Fluid Conference 2020

Hydraulic components in the spotlight at the IFK

For almost 60 years we have been offering the industry a steadily growing range…

KTR Cooler production plant in China

New cooler production plant in China

As of 2019, we have been manufacturing coolers for the world market in our…