Stronger and stronger, faster and faster: High productivity pressure in agricultural engineering

Currently agriculture provides about 7.3 billion people worldwide. 20 years from now these will most probably be 8.5 to 9.8 billion people, but farmland will not increase. This explains in simple words that agriculture is under high productivity pressures.

Agricultural machines become more powerful, their operating width and speeds are rising. IT-supported "Precision Farming" is part of everyday life, tractors, combine harvesters, haulers and others will soon be on the way in the field without any driver. At the same time agricultural machines have to comply with stricter and stricter emission standards.

KTR has decades of history as a development partner and supplier of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, providing a wide product portfolio for this industry. Flexible flange couplings in various designs connect I. C.-engines and hydraulic pump(s) or splitterbox. In agricultural machines driven with a front PTO shaft such as milling machines, crop protection sprayers and mixer-wagons, jaw couplings are continuously operating under severely adverse conditions (moisture, sand, fertilisers, high mechanical load). The coolers for agricultural engineering developed by KTR serving for engine cooling are essential components in the cooling circuit even under extreme conditions.

With most projects in agricultural technology our business units „Engineered and Core Business“ cooperate with the customer already during the development stage. The design engineers‘ standard tasks comprise FEM calculations, coupling selection in accordance with DIN, e. g. DIN 9611, torsional vibration analysis and the calculation of cooling capacity on consultation with the engine manufacturer.  

Couplings for agricultural machinery

Our range of couplings for agricultural machines includes flexible jaw and pin & bush couplings as well as torsionally stiff and highly flexible flange couplings for high performance and smooth operation even under adverse environmental conditions.

Coolers for agricultural machinery

Our compact and high-performance coolers for agricultural machines: available as tailor-made multimedium coolers and oil/air coolers as a standard solution.

Coupling for agricultural machines with PTO shaft acc. to DIN 9611

The KTR coupling ROTEX ZR installed in a manure spreader. The coupling serves as a connection to the gearbox in the PTO shaft drive train.

0 - 35,000 Nm

ROTEX® Standard

The original - renowned industrial standard

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240 - 5,300 Nm


Two-part, torsionally rigid flange coupling

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40 - 400 Nm

MONOLASTIC® type with 3 holes

One-piece flange coupling with bore pattern with 3 holes

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0 - 350 kW cooling capacity, 0 - 750 l/min oil volume flow


High-performance cooling for stationary and mobile hydraulics

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0 - 67,000 Nm


Low-priced standard version

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Customized solution

MMC hydraulic cooler

For hydraulic oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, engine oil and water glycol

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4,300 - 70,000 Nm


Short highly flexible flange coupling made of steel

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200 - 1,850 Nm


One-piece flange coupling with SAE connection

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Customized solution

MMC engine system coolers

Heat exchangers for mobile machinery

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Customized solutions

MMC compressor cooler

Compressor cooler (Mobile Machinery Cooler)

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0 - 67,000


Elastomer ring can be replaced when installed

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0 - 13,400 Nm


Shaft coupling with brake drum

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300 - 10,000 Nm


Shaft coupling with brake disk, radial disassembly possible

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0 - 13,400 Nm


Shaft coupling with brake disk

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0 - 2,900 Nm

POLY-NORM® AZR standard drop-out center design coupling

With standard drop-out center design parts for large shaft distances

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Receiving hoppers and store loaders

For cooling the oil in the hydraulic power pack, a fan is mounted on the motor shaft the air flow of which is led through the cooling laminas with no need for a separate drive.

PremiumFlow pásové řezací systémy

Vyvinuli jsme na míru šité řešení pro řadu PremiumFlow. Jeho základem byla standardní velikost ROTEX 28 s rozdělenými náboji, kuželovým otvorem a drážkou pro pero.

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