New: ROTEX® ZS-DKM-SH double-cardanic coupling with cracked hubs

Double-cardanic coupling with SPLIT hubs

We are introducing a new double-cardanic drop-out center design coupling with split hubs - for easy radial assembly/disassembly

The torsionally flexible drop-out center coupling ROTEX ZS-DKM-SH is an elastomer coupling with SPLIT hubs (half shell coupling) easy to service and is characterized by easy assembly and disassembly.

Elastomer coupling with SPLIT hubs:

The hubs of the half shell coupling ROTEX ZS-DKM-SH have been split into two halves precisely, mechanically and reliably by "cracking". A rough surface with positive-locking connection ensuring an accurate fit of the two halves is generated. The contoured, rough cracked surfaces ensure ideal centering of the hub halves. 

Benefits of couplings with split hubs:

Coupling designs with half shells such as the double-cardanic coupling ROTEX ZS-DKM-SH with SPLIT hubs have been part of our product range for decades.

Please find more detailed information about benefits of half-shell couplings in our article "Couplings with split hubs: benefits and applications".

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