New: SINULASTIC - highly flexible flange couplings

Another development by our KTR think tank

We are introducing a new series of highly torsionally flexible disk couplings, the SINULASTIC. It is the second development to evolve from our think tank which opened in Hilden in 2019.

The series was developed for use in diesel engine main drives for power generators (so-called gen sets), heavy construction machines, compressors, gearboxes and large hydraulic pumps. In these fields of application the coupling series must feature particularly torsionally soft elasticity to uncouple the vibrations in the drive train generated by the diesel engine.  

With SINULASTIC, designed as a disk coupling with radial load path, a highly torsionally flexible elastomer element is used between the external flange ring and the coupling hub damping the torsional vibrations that are generated in the system by the engine respectively shifting the operating range above the critical speed. Depending on the Shore hardness of the elastomer, torsion angles from 13° to 18° are reached

In total the SINULASTIC series comprises four types which are fully compatible with regard to connection geometry, mounting space and technical data in spite of their individual features so that an optimum solution is constantly available for the individual task of drive. During the launch phase the series is available in each nine sizes for nominal torques from 1,800 to 25,000 Nm and in various elastomer types.

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Product Manager Marie-Christin Maier answers your questions in our webinar on the new coupling.

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