New: High-performance spider for servo coupling

We have a new spider in our product range which decisively increases the performance level of the backlash-free servo couplings type ROTEX GS  with regard to temperature resistance and pressure resistance. The material is a newly developed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a hardness degree of "52 Shore D" and a temperature resistance of up to 120° C. The main areas of application are servo-hydraulics and test bench technology.

The new high-performance TPU is particularly characterised by its severe compressive strength with continuous temperatures of up to 120° C. In addition, there is an excellent dynamic behaviour and an outstanding wear behaviour as well as a reduced hysteresis with alternating loads and thus low values for energy dissipation and self-heating."

Extreme compressive strength at elevated temperature 

Various sizes of the spider were tested at KTR's R&D centre in Rheine in endurance tests up to 120° C and with nominal torque without torque reduction by the temperature factor. Johannes Deister, Product Manager at KTR: "The temperature factor is up to 60 % lower with the new material than with standard polyurethanes, which has a decisive influence on the design of the coupling. This results in completely new conditions for their sizing."

The new spider "52 ShD-GS" is used in the backlash-free servo couplings of the ROTEX GS series, initially in sizes 24 to 42. Areas of application are wherever high temperatures are generated, for example in servo hydraulics and test bench technology. 

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