Torque sensor DATAFLEX

Dual-range torque sensor with extended measuring range

As a standard, our DATAFLEX torque sensor is provided with a measuring range switchover as of now. The extended measuring range allows the dual-range torque sensor to also measure small torques accurately where the measuring shaft usually needs to be replaced by a smaller type. 

Throughout the entire DATAFLEX series, the measuring range can be switched in a fixed ratio of 1:5. This quintuples the output voltage range so that the full voltage on the output (+-10 V) is already achieved with one fifth of the maximum torque.

Dual range torque sensor in a fixed ratio

The development of the measuring range extension considered maintaining the high resolution of the subsequent digitisation in the small measuring range. Here the DATAFLEX torque sensor achieves a relative inaccuracy of 0.2 %, in the large measuring range 0.1 %. 

Product manager torque measuring shafts Juergen Koesters by KTR Systems GmbH
Jürgen Kösters
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Especially with drives that generate high torque peaks, the usual overload limits of the sensors of 150 % of the rated torque are often too low. This is different with KTR's dual-range sensors: When choosing the small measuring range, the measuring shaft can be selected considerably bigger without having to forego accurate measured values.

Existing torque sensors can be retrofitted with the measuring range switchover upon request.

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