Basic webinar «all-steel gear couplings»

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This basic training is intended for anyone who wants to gain basic knowledge about the GEARex all-steel gear coupling.

In addition to general information about the properties and functions, we will introduce you to the different versions of this series and explain how to design the GEARex in just a few steps. Finally, we will present different applications in which the steel gear coupling has already proven its worth.

Deepen your basic knowledge of «GEARex all-Steel gear couplings»

GEARex all-steel gear couplings with grease lubrication and O-ring seals comply with the international standard. Permanent grease lubrication generates good friction ratio of the spline with almost wear-free operation and a high service life expectation of the coupling.

GEARex all-steel gear couplings are used in all fields of mechanical engineering with high operational safety and service life expectation subject to the reliable grease lubrication in the crowned spline.

Jan Kurnoth
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