Basic webinar «Backlash-free servo couplings» - register now

This basic training is designed for anyone who wants to gain basic knowledge about our backlash-free servo couplings of the ROTEX GS, TOOLFLEX, RADEX-NC and COUNTEX series.

In this webinar, you will learn why backlash-free couplings are used wherever accuracy is important. We will present the four coupling series and go into detail about their respective features and functions; in doing so, we will deal with the ROTEX GS jaw coupling in somewhat more detail due to its wide range of variants: here we will introduce you to the different hub designs and explain what the different colors and hardnesses of the spiders are all about. Finally, we show you what can happen to the coupling hubs and spiders in the event of incorrect handling, for example overload or assembly errors.

Torque transmission free of backlash and true to angle

Our range of backlash-free servo couplings includes the ROTEX GS jaw coupling, the TOOLFLEX metal bellows coupling, the RADEX-NC servo lamina coupling and the COUNTEX shaft encoder coupling.

As a connecting element between highly dynamic servo motors and any type of positioning and handling units, they transmit torque backlash-free and with true angular accuracy. At the same time, they allow the compensation of radial, axial and angular displacements.

The main areas of application are machine tools, control and positioning drives, automation technology, packaging technology, medical technology and measurement and control technology.