New CLAMPEX® online tool: Configure clamping sets yourself and check availability directly in the shop

You know that our technical engineering support is always pleased to help you with the design of our products. However, with our online tools you can also easily configure your products yourself, anytime and anywhere. We have recently launched a designing tool for our CLAMPEX® clamping sets and have asked the colleagues who were significantly involved in this about the new tool.

KTR Systems: First of all, let's start by introducing yourselves. Who are you and what are your tasks at KTR?

Marie-Christin Maier: I am Marie-Christin Maier, 29 years old, product manager and key account manager at KTR. In addition, I support interdepartmental projects, such as the project "Online Tools", where I am project manager.

Johannes Reker: Johannes Reker, system administrator and software developer at KTR. Among other things, I am responsible for the Online Tools.

Philipp Johannes: My name is Philipp Johannes, I am 33 years old, have been with KTR since August 2011 and I am responsible for the products CLAMPEX® and shaft joints.

KTR Systems: For those who don't know it yet: What exactly is the new CLAMPEX® design tool?

Marie-Christin Maier: The new design tool for our clamping sets - CLAMPEX® - is a new online tool for the calculation and configuration of various clamping elements. On this new platform 3-D data, assembly instructions and catalogue information are available with just one click. Where the customer used to have to call or email KTR to check his clamping element, he can now do this independently online around the clock.

Philipp Johannes: It also helps to find the right CLAMPEX® clamping set for the respective application. Furthermore, the design tool can be used to check mathematically whether the shaft and hub, which are connected to each other by the CLAMPEX® clamping set, are correctly designed.

Johannes Reker: Experienced customers can jump directly into the calculation of the clamping set and less experienced customers are guided through the selection with the CLAMPEX® assistant. In this way, we try to make the selection easier for all types of customers with different levels of knowledge.


KTR Systems: The tool was developed by all of you and implemented by our in-house IT. What was important to you when developing the tool?

Marie-Christin Maier: It was important to us that the customer gets the same result and the same support, even if he does not have the opportunity to call KTR. He should not have a disadvantage by using the tool, but an advantage, because now he can design the products himself and request the product availability directly in the KTR shop.

Johannes Reker: In addition, the focus of the development of the tool is clearly the simple and intuitive usability of the tool. Apart from that, customer feedback is very important to us, which has of course been and continues to be strongly incorporated into the tool. We are constantly developing each of our online tools and trying to make improvements. That's why we are always happy to receive customer feedback.

Philipp Johannes: I agree with Marie and Johannes, the simple operation and logical structure are absolutely important, so that even inexperienced users can easily get started with the design tool.

KTR Systems: Was there anything that was difficult about the implementation?

Johannes Reker: The difficulty in implementing such tools is usually to combine a large range of functions with ease of use.

Philipp Johannes: Yes, exactly. The correct structure of the design tool, which was to be highly user-friendly, proved to be challenging. Before the current structure was declared suitable, many layouts were developed, which were revised again and again.

Marie-Christin Maier: Of course, the special situation created by Corona also challenged us. Nevertheless, together with the different departments, we were able to set up a great new tool.

KTR Systems: What challenges would you like to tackle next? What can our customers already look forward to?

Johannes Reker: We are constantly coming up with new ideas and trying to exploit the latest technological possibilities. A lot is currently being planned and is already being implemented. Customers can look forward to new and revised tools in the future.

Marie-Christin Maier: Oh yes, as Johannes says, we have many more projects for our online tools in the pipeline. For example, the new tool for the designing of water coolers has just gone online.

Philipp Johannes: Based on the feedback we receive from KTR employees as well as from customers, we want to keep improving the design tools and thus make them even more user-friendly.

KTR Systems:Thank you for the interview, the three of you.

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