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couplings for marine technology

Marine technology

One thing is for sure: KTR’s roots lie on the plains of Germany’s Westphalia region. That hasn’t stopped us successfully developing products suitable for the open seas. KTR has tremendous experience in supplying products for offshore wind farms and tidal power stations and as a result we know exactly how couplings, brakes, hydraulic components and cooling systems can be effectively protected against the corrosiveness of seawater.

KTR also knows the ropes when it comes to shipbuilding – and it has all hands on deck. For example, the ROTEX® and GEARex® couplings help in the complex electric motor-bevel gear combinations of bow and transverse thrusters in reverse-direction manoeuvres. KTR has a special RADEX®-N design in its range specifically for water jet drives; this effortlessly bridges the large gap between the drive shaft and impeller with its CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer) spacer. On deck, KTR couplings and brakes in winches and cranes lend a hand when cargo is unloaded or nets are hauled in. In fact, our product range is as varied when it comes to pumps as it is for other areas where these products are used at sea.

KTR components can also be used in shipbuilding worldwide thanks to a large number of different international certificates. For example, on the Pioneering Spirit, the largest works vessel in the world. When it is deployed, entire drilling platforms are raised from the water with the help of KTR know-how. You should not forgo such expertise when you lay down the keel of your next ship!


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