Flange coupling

You need a flange coupling? In KTR you will find the specialist in drive components and hydraulics that has been producing quality components for a variety of clients and sectors for more than half a century. We will also be happy to meet your requirements in the field of couplings.

Thanks to strict quality requirements and a modern Compliance Management System, you are assured of a perfectly functioning flange coupling at KTR. Our components also excel with a long service life and are manufactured with a minimal ecological footprint. Every year, we develop new initiatives to further promote this sustainability.


Our Flange couplings are available as torsionally stiff, torsionally flexible and highly flexible coupling versions. Depending on the combination of driving and driven machine the type is calculated by a torsional vibration analysis.

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Which flange coupling do you need?

Combustion engines are often used to drive mobile machines. Hydraulic pumps are directly coupled in the case of hydrostatic drives, while the compressor is directly driven in the case of mobile compressors. A high-quality flange coupling is required to make a good connection.

The first requirement for a flange coupling is therefore reliable power transmission. Only then will the machine be able to operate stably and perform reliably. The couplings from KTR meet the most stringent requirements and are suitable for use in various sectors and conditions. Additional advantages are the compact design and easy assembly.

Why a flange coupling from KTR?

If you choose a flange coupling from KTR, you are choosing a solid product from a real family business. In our decades of existence, we have grown into a global market leader in the field of hydraulic components, drive technology and braking and cooling systems. More than 1,100 employees work every day with passion and enthusiasm for you and our other customers.

With important certificates (e.g. DIN ISO EN 9001:2000 and DIN ISO EN 14001:2005) and a track record of more than 60 years at KTR you are assured of an end product of the highest quality. Our flange couplings are the result of a modern and innovative production process, which we are now able to mould based on the latest insights.

Order your flange coupling now

Don't you want to fitting important components such as couplings without compromising on quality and service life? Then order your flange coupling at KTR.

Choose according to your requirements from types such as BoWex® FLE-PA, BoWex-ELASTIC®, MONOLASTIC® and Pump connection flanges. On request we will be happy to think along with you about the male type of coupling in your situation.

Would you like more information about our flange couplings or do you have a question about a certain type of flange coupling? Then do not wait any longer and contact our helpful product specialists. During a no-obligation introductory meeting, we will be happy to inform you with advice or a customised quotation.

Our flange couplings

BoWex® torsionally stiff flange coupling FLE-PA / FLE-PAC

BoWex FLE-PA and FLE-PAC are torsionally stiff curved-tooth flange couplings. The material combination of...

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Flexible flange couplings BoWex-ELASTIC HE1/HE2 by KTR Systems GmbH


Highly flexible flange couplings combine the benefits of the renowned BoWex system with the elasticity of a highly...

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One-piece flexible flange couplings MONOLASTIC type with 3 holes by KTR Systems GmbH


The flexible flange coupling MONOLASTIC enables compensation of radial and angular displacements with severely low...

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Pump mounting flanges by KTR Systems GmbH

Pump mounting flanges

For mounting hydraulic pumps to the diesel engine.

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