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The Pioneering Spirit

KTR technology in the world’s largest ship

What can lift 15,000 fully grown elephants and still stay afloat? The Pioneering Spirit, the largest works vessel in the world. This technical masterpiece is the largest vehicle ever to have been built in terms of width and registered tonnage; it is 382 m long, 123 m wide and has a draught down to 27 m.

The Pioneering Spirit

What does this colossus do? It heaves entire oil drilling platforms out of the water and brings them ashore for environmentally friendly disposal.

This enormous load can weigh up to 73,000 tons. That is more than 120 fully loaded supersize Airbus A380s. Or the aforementioned 15,000 fully grown elephants. Products from Rheine flex their muscles in numerous lifting systems on board to perform this truly tough task.

Shipping company Allseas relies on the steel lamina coupling RADEX®-N, its maintenance-free design and optimum manoeuvrability to move the lifting beams sideways. The puncture-proof bolt coupling REVOLEX® KX-D 105 operates in the drive for winches.

And to ensure the crew can safely carry out their work on board, the KTR-STOP® S-35-F A-30 is at the ready with up to 4,000 Nm of braking torque as an emergency brake for the winches.

KTR Stop brake

You see, KTR truly is reliable – even if it’s a question of breaking a few records.

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