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Product image BoWex-Elastic HE-ZS HEW highly flexible flange couplings drop-out center part


0 - 30,000 Nm / highly flexible flange coupling

The coupling type BoWex-ELASTIC HEW1 / HEW2 is a highly flexible shaft coupling.

This type combines a standard BoWex-HE elastomer with a flange hub and a curved-tooth hub.

The HEW1 / HEW2 is applicable up to a maximum operating temperature of 100 °C.The combination with the coupling hubs of the BoWex standard range enables compensation of misalignment.

The flange coupling is assessed and approved for potentially explosive atmospheres acc. to EC directive 2014/34/EU. Differentiating between the respective type 1 and 2 results in an either short (2) or long (1) version of the coupling.


  • highly flexible shaft coupling

  • easy assembly due to axial plug-in

  • particularly suitable for blind assembly

  • taper and inch bores

  • extensive stock range with finish bores H7 and keyway to DIN

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