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TOBROCO GIANT | Diligent as ants

Rob Peper

Sales Engineer, KTR Benelux

Ants are small, strong and tireless. They carry up to a hundred times their body weight, hunt, gather, build, cultivate mushrooms, cut leaves and milk lice. They constantly police the health of forests and do everything for their queen. With its proverbial work zeal, the ant has even made it into the Bible: “Go to the ant, you lazy one! Observe its ways and become wise.” (Proverbs 6:6). The Dutch company TOBROCO-GIANT seems to have done just that: an unflinching ant determined to put into practice whatever is demanded of it is trademarked onto all their work machines.

The GIANT portfolio includes skid-steer loaders, wheel loaders, telehandlers and telescopic wheel loaders used for agriculture, road construction and landscaping. Being compact, versatile and powerful, they lift and move anything that is too heavy for humans yet too small for excavators including wood, stone, grit, soil, plants and animal feed. These small power houses weigh in from 750 kg up to 6,000 kg and deliver between 15 kW and 55 kW on roads, meadow paths or in forests. Their exceptional agility and compact design assure maximum working efficiency in very restricted spaces and on uneven terrain. GIANT has developed and manufactures 36 different models in Oisterwijk which they then dispatch to the furthermost corners of the globe.

Beside strong performance, GIANT focuses on outstanding quality. In 2016 the Dutch company won the coveted ‘Koning Willem I Prijs’ in the ‘small and medium-sized enterprises’ category. No one less than Queen Máxima herself presented the award - a symbolic crowning for entrepreneurial courage, innovation and sustainability.

Only the best components are used in all GIANT loaders: Kubota for engines, Comer for axles, Bosch Rexroth for hydraulic pumps and KTR for flange couplings.

At the heart of their GIANT machines – that is between the engines and hydraulic pumps – TOBROCO installs KTR pump mounting housings in accordance with SAE standards. These are complemented by KTR MONOLASTIC one-piece flexible flange couplings. Used in this combination, our components connect the two units and provide power transmission. According to TOBROCO’s Purchasing Manager Hans Sterke, “We integrate KTR into our development processes at an early stage to ensure that everything runs smoothly”. Everyone involved here has clearly learned from the ant – renowned for its excellent work organisation and perfect division of labour!