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Episode 0: Who we are and what our podcast is about

KTR Insight




Text of the current episode:

Björn Stavermann: “Hello, and welcome to our podcast “In Sight KTR”. My name is Björn Stavermann and together with my colleague Ellen Herdering I would like to explain in this first short episode what we intend to do with this podcast and who KTR is.

If you are interested in mechanical engineering you might have heard of KTR or have come into contact with one of our numerous products. We are a leading manufacturer of drive technology and produce, among other things, coupling systems and torque limiters. However, brake systems, hydraulic components and cooling systems are also part of our extensive product portfolio.

A star of KTR is for example the ROTEX claw coupling. Over the last 50 years ROTEX has become a real synonym for a complete product range.”

Ellen Herdering: “So it is quite likely that you already know our products, but do you actually know us? With our podcast we want to give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes and get to know the people behind the products. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have prepared our podcast for you in several formats. You can follow the whole thing on the audio track as a podcast or you can watch it via video on YouTube or on our website. If you prefer reading, you can also find the entire podcast as text on our website.”

Björn Stavermann: “And how does that work exactly? In each episode we try to answer questions on a specific topic in about 20 minutes. And that’s where you come in. You can participate in our podcast and specify the topics and also the questions. So if you always wanted to know something about KTR, please send us these questions. Via you can name topics or questions that interest you.”

Ellen Herdering: “For each topic we will then bring one or two of our colleagues in front of the camera to answer your questions. Experts from the industry can also have their say with us. By the way, we do not reveal the questions to colleagues or external partners beforehand, which means you will get honest answers. We don’t want to see or hear ready-made answers in our podcast. We want you to get a real insight into what happens at KTR and what is important to us.

If you’re up for it, stay tuned now and watch our podcast episode. Either on YouTube or you can listen to the whole thing at the usual podcast providers or you can visit our website.

We are looking forward to your feedback, to your questions and we wish you a lot of fun!”


We look forward to your questions and feedback! Mail to!

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We look forward to your questions and feedback! Mail to!

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