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Vive l'efficacité - energy-positive headquarters KTR France

Long live efficiency, sustainability, ecology and future-oriented construction! KTR France has successfully put this concept into practice northwest of Lyon.

The new French headquarters located in industrial premises in the small town of Dardilly is where KTR invested in a construction during the 1970s. Today the building, which embodies the aspirations of redeveloping a property in a sustainable and future-oriented manner in accordance with KTR’s corporate values, is where 12 employees will manage future business.

The commissioned French architects ‘Diagonale Concept’, who specialize in environmentally friendly planning and redevelopment, set themselves several goals. These were to plan and realise an ‘energy-positive’ house which, among other things, should produce more energy than it consumes through the use and storage of solar energy. Other aims were to keep the CO2 balance as low as possible both in construction – by using recycled and natural building materials – and reduced power consumption through the use of geothermal energy, large glass surfaces and an ingenious cooling system. It was also envisaged to make daily use of the building in an energy-efficient and convenient way by utilizing the latest in smart home technologies.

The result is a ‘building that lives and breathes’ says Pierre Martin, Chief Executive of KTR France. It is a construction that is exemplary in function – so say the organisers of the ‘Green Solutions Award 2018’ event which was hosted by the international network ‘Construction21’ – an initiative that awards prizes for buildings, urban districts and larger infrastructures for their contribution in combating climate change. Of the 60 projects selected in 2018, the KTR undertaking was the only one to receive two awards – the ‘Grand Prix Rénovation Durable’ and the ‘Prix du Public’ in the ‘Buildings’ category. In 2020, the building won the "Energy Globe Award National" France. Chapeau!