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Product image POLY PKZ PKD flexible couplings PKZ (two-part) PKD (three-part)


0 - 6,100 Nm / torsionally flexible, shear type shaft couplings

Three-part and compact shaft coupling

The torsionally flexible, shear type POLY PKD is a compact, three-type shaft coupling.

The three-part POLY PKD shaft coupling allows to separate driving and driven side without axially shifting them.

There is the advantage that the elastomers can be replaced when mounted. Apart from that the driving and driven side can be radially assembled and disassembled.


  • torsionally flexible, shear type shaft coupling
  • three-part coupling
  • compact: small shaft distance dimension
  • elastomer elements can be replaced when assembled
  • easy separation of driving and driven side

Product Details


Michael Brüning - Product manager elastic jaw and pin and bush couplings