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TOOLFLEX ZR cardan shaft with metal bellow

TOOLFLEX ZR is a double-cardanic metal bellow-type coupling with a bonded intermediate tube (intermediate tube coupling). It is optimally suitable for bridging large axial shaft distances.

The hubs and the intermediate tube are made of aluminium. The bellow is made of stainless steel. The intermediate tube is freely selectable in length (up to a maximum of 4 metres). The half shell clamping hubs allowing for radial assembly and disassembly of the coupling are available both as a frictionally engaged connection and with feather keyway.

Applications of TOOLFLEX ZR intermediate tube coupling:

Intermediate tube couplings of KTR are used for bridging large distances. TOOLFLEX ZR bridges a shaft distance of up to four metres without intermediate support and intermediate bearings. The limits of application are defined by the operating speed and mounting length.



Johannes Deister - Product manager backlash-free servo couplings