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New: MONITEX BT torque sensor

MONITEX BT - Picture

Jürgen Kösters

Product manager torque sensors

T: +49 5971 798-467 E:
The MONITEX BT torque sensor is a torque measuring coupling hub for measuring torque and speed

Torque measurement made easy

The latest addition of our torque sensors measures torques directly in the coupling. Different from setups with conventional sensors the MONITEX BT can be integrated in a space-saving way. An inductive supply allows for the permanent use of the measuring coupling. The torque and speed data can be received via a free app and a Windows software by mobile devices. 

If set ranges are exceeded or fallen below, the user is automatically alerted. MONITEX BT has a display that switches on as soon as the drive starts. An edge device and a DAC (digital analog converter) for incorporating the signal in existing controls are being prepared.


MONITEX BT torque sensor - torque measuring coupling hub