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ROTEX goes digital

Jürgen Kösters

Product manager torque sensors

On 27.04.2023 we will present you our new torque-measuring coupling.

You know ROTEX as a versatile and reliable elastomer coupling. Now you have the chance to get to know new sides of the globally top-selling shaft coupling: The ROTEX goes digital. It measures torque and speed, shows the values on a display and transmits the measuring re-sults wirelessly to your smartphone or PC. 

This will substantially simplify the function of „torque measurement“. The user does not re-quire any additional space on the shaft, any separate sensing and not even a battery: Our new torque-measuring coupling hub is inductively supplied with energy.

You are cordially invited – and will definitely be impressed.


Jürgen Kösters - Product manager torque sensors

Joachim Hofstede - Sales Manager Central East Europe & Asia/Pacific