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Expansion of cooling systems business division

Premium KTR cooling systems made for stationary and mobile machinery are in demand the world over. And for this reason, KTR is steadily forging ahead with expanding its cooling systems business. CEO Nicola Warning explains, “The expansion of the cooler business is an integral part of our growth strategy. In 2019 we opened a new production facility in Jiaxing, China. And in 2022 we commissioned a high-tech test bench for the optimisation and performance testing of cooling systems at our headquarters in Rheine. This year we have built a new cooler logistics building – also in Rheine”.

Some 2,000 square metres provide storage space for KTR's catalogue range of hydraulic oil and transmission oil coolers as well as custom-designed MMC multi-circuit equipment.

The new cooler logistics facility became operational in August 2023 and literally has an additional ‘on top’ feature. Solar collectors with an output of 250 kilowatts were installed on the roof to provide sustainably generated electricity for the building.

cooler logistic hall

We are manufacturing increasing numbers of coolers – so we need space which we previously had to rent externally. Now we are consolidating our entire cooler logistics on our premises at our company headquarters. This enables us to work more efficiently and flexibly, which in turn increases the availability of our coolers