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KTR-SI FRA Flange type FT

KTR-SI FRA Flange type FT

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Idle-rotation overload system (load-separating)

  • Automatic re-engagement when resersing the direction of rotation

  • High repeating accuracy

  • Flange type to connect toothed belt pulleys or sprockets

  • Combination with POLY-NORM as a torsionally flexible shaft-to-shaft connection

  • Setting range up to 3,000 Nm


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In case of overload driving and driven side uncouple, thus protecting the drive train from any damage. After eliminating the overload, KTR-SI FRA can automatically be re-engaged by reversing the drive’s direction of rotation for a short time. As a result this variant is optimally suitable for places that are difficult to access.

KTR-SI FRA Flange type FT
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