BoWex ZR

BoWex ZR
  • doblemente cardánica
  • torsionalmente rígido
  • comprobación de la distancia de eje
  • absorbe desalineación axial
  • absorbe desalineación angular
  • absorbe desalineación radial
  • temperatura de trabajo máx. 100 grados
  • sin mantenimiento

Product features

  • Bridging larger shaft distances

  • Axial shifting of driving and driven shaft at standstill

  • Maintenance-free

  • Compensating for larger displacements

  • Axial plug-in

  • Application range from -25 °C to +100 °C

  • BoWex® Spec.-I with lengthened sleeve on request


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BoWex® Curved-tooth gear couplings® are flexible shaft connections for a
positive torque transmission and specifically suitable to compensate for
axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. According to the well-known effect of curved-tooth gear couplings® any edge pressure in the spline in case of angular and radial displacements is avoided so that BoWex® couplings are almost free from wear.

BoWex® Flange couplings - Behaviour of friction and wear

The smooth and hard surface (crystalline structure) and the high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, dissolvents, etc. make polyamide an ideal material for components stressed by sliding, particularly for the coupling production.

General description

The material combination of steel hubs and polyamide sleeves allows for maintenance-free continuous operation with very low friction on the teeth.

BoWex® couplings can be assembled both vertically or horizontally with no need for any special assembly tools.