The best way for those who keep things in motion as much as KTR is to do so through moving images.

KTR360° Trailer: OPRA Turbines

KTR360° Trailer: Börger

KTR 360° Trailer: Brunvoll

KTR 360° Trailer: PMC Harvesters

KTR 360° Trailer: Neopost

Industry: Agriculture and Off-Highway Machines

Industry: Agriculture

Industry: Marine

Industry: Pumps and compressors

Comparison of our steel lamina couplings

Assembly of MINEX-S. Showing different containment shrouds

Different types of couplings of KTR for pump-motor-unit.

Our new image film

Our compact OAC coolers provide high-performance cooling of hydraulic and lubricating oils. 

Product News: ROTEX GS HP and RADEX NC High Torque - Animation

Ceremonious opening KTR Benelux

Opening of a new plant in China

Assembly of KTR couplings in a pump unit

KTR inaugurates its new Power Transmission Center