KS building

KTR Steel Construction Company

KS was founded on the initiative of KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH in Germany in 1996 to serve the strong demand for oil tanks in Europe through an in-house production. KTR itself is a family business in drive technology going global and being growth-orientated with about 1,100 employees founded in 1959.

The origin of the cooperation between KS and KTR was the production of steel tanks for oil hydraulics. These are still distributed along with an extensive programme for stationary and mobile hydraulics through KTR's sales organization in Europe. In parallel with the activities in steel tank production KS has extended the product portfolio by other sophisticated ranges. Thus, customized tanks up to 130,000 litres are produced today. The tanks are no longer used exclusively in oil hydraulics today, but can be applied in combination with other media, too.

Apart from tanks various frames, mounts, crane bridges, oil sump pans, silos and railway vehicle bogies for various industries, e. g. marine, aircraft, agricultural machinery, tunnel building, railway technology, machine tools and paper machinery are produced. Currently KTR Steel Construction employs about 200 people in production, designing, logistics and administration in the Ozimek works.

KTR Steel Construction Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kolejowa 146-040 Ozimek
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E-mail: ktr-ks@ktr.com