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CLAMPEX<sup>®</sup> KTR 105
  • -20 up to +160 degree operating temperature
  • backlash-free
  • slipping, seperating, non fail-safe
  • bezúdržbové
  • check axial movement of hub

Product features

  • Kompaktní design

  • Průměr hřídele od 5mm do 50 mm

  • Samostředící

  • Tolerance h9/H9 pro hřídel a náboj

  • Snadná montáž a demontáž

  • Použití – malé řemenice na servomotorech


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T +420 461 619 587
E ktr-cz@ktr.com

CLAMPEX® clamping elements are shaft-hub-connections. They allow for a backlash-free and non-positive connection between cylindric smooth shafts and hub bores without keyway. The clamping elements are clamped via integrated screws which are used for non-destructive untightening of the clamping elements. Here series KTR 150 forms the only exception. Depending on the type the clamping elements are either untightened merely by declamping the screws or additionally pulling off the individual elements of the clamping set from each other.

Among others, CLAMPEX® clamping elements are preferred as an alternative to feather key connections.


  • Material saving by small shaft and hub dimensions
  • Simplified production processes for shaft and hub
  • Low notch effect in shaft and hub area
  • Feather keyways in shaft and hub are superfluous
  • Easy assembly and disassembly with standard tools
  • Ideal for drives with high alternating loads
  • Corrosion-protected designs on request
  • Overload protection of the machine components by slipping of the clamping element on the shaft 
  • No shearing off / deflection of feather keys / feather keyways
  • Freely adjustable angle and axial position of the hub


The transmission data mentioned in the catalogue are parameters found out by calculations.
Subject to tests and the physical coefficient of friction slight deviations from the transmission values may arise.

Copyright according to ISO 16016.

We reserve the right for modifications of dimensions and designs.