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BoWex® M

BoWex<sup>®</sup> M
  • 100 degree max. operating temperature
  • bezúdržbové
  • také pro výbušné prostředí Ex
  • kompenzace axiláního vyosení
  • kompenzace úhlového vyosení
  • kompenzace radiálního vyosení
  • princip dvojitého kardanu
  • torzně tuhé
  • relatively short shaft distance

Product features

  • Zubová spojka, princip dvojitého kardanu

  • Pro aplikace ve všech oblastech strojírenství i hydraulických pohonů

  • Bezúdržbová spojka - kombinace nylonu a oceli

  • Kuželové, palcové otvory a drážkování pro hydraulická čerpadla

  • Provedení otvorů v toleranci H7 s drážkou pro pero

  • Standardní průměry otvorů dostupné ze skladu


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Technická podpora
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BoWex® Curved-tooth gear couplings® are flexible shaft connections for a
positive torque transmission and specifically suitable to compensate for
axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. According to the well-known effect of curved-tooth gear couplings® any edge pressure in the spline in case of angular and radial displacements is avoided so that BoWex® couplings are almost free from wear.

General description

The material combination of steel hubs and polyamide sleeves allows for maintenance-free continuous operation with very low friction on the teeth.

Due to the double cardanic operation of BoWex® couplings restoring forces may be neglected in case of angular and radial displacements and periodic fluctuations in angular velocity do not arise.

BoWex® couplings can be assembled both vertically or horizontally with no need for any special assembly tools.

Behavior of friction and wear

The smooth and hard surface (crystalline structure) and the high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, dissolvents, etc. make polyamide an ideal material for components stressed by sliding, particularly for the coupling production.

While any metallic materials tend to "corrode" in case of dry running, slide combinations with polyamide and steel are operative without any lubrication and maintenance.