ROTEX<sup>®</sup> BTAN
  • 120 degree max. operating temperature
  • Atex
  • kompenzace axiláního vyosení
  • kompenzace radiálního vyosení
  • kompenzace úhlového vyosení
  • torzně pružné
  • axilání montáž
  • tlumení torzních vybrací
  • nutno přihlédnout ke vzdálenosti hřídelí
  • maintenance-free

Product features

  • Hřídelová spojka BTAN s brzdovým bubnem vhodná pro instalaci externích bubnových brzd

  • Možnost použití pro širokou škálu strojírenských odvětví

  • Každý tip spojky může být kombinován s rozdílnou velikostí brzdového bubnu

  • Max.brzdný moment nesmí překročit max.kroutící moment spojky


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Technická podpora
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ROTEX® couplings are characterized by small dimensions, low weight and low mass moments of inertia yet transmit high torques. Running quality and service life of the coupling are improved by accurate all-over machining. Their application is ideal for transmitting torque while damping torsional vibrations and absorbing shocks produced by the uneven operation of certain prime movers.

ROTEX® couplings are equipped with the new temperature resistant T-PUR® spider which is available in three different degrees of Shore hardness.



n contrast to other flexible couplings, the intermediate members of which are subject to bending stress and are therefore prone to earlier wear, the flexible teeth of ROTEX® couplings are subject to pressure only. This gives the additional advantage of the individual teeth being able to accept considerably higher loads.

The elastomer parts show deformation with load and excessive speeds. Sufficient space for expansion should be ensured.

The maximum torsion angle with ROTEX® couplings of any size amounts to 5°. They can be fitted both horizontally and vertically.

T-PUR® - The new heart of ROTEX®

T-PUR<sup>®</sup> - The new heart of ROTEX<sup>®</sup>

With the temperature-resistant polyurethane T-PUR® of KTR the properties of the ROTEX® have been optimized importantly. T-PUR is a much more temperature-resistant and has a longer service life than polyurethane material. From the visual point of view we have characterized the material T-PUR® by the colours orange (92 Shore A), purple (98 Shore A) and pale green (64 Shore D). The previous spiders made from polyurethane in yellow, red and natural white with green ends will still be available.


Spider generation T-PUR® (PDF)