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POLY-NORM<sup>®</sup> AR
  • 80 degree max. operating temperature
  • také pro výbušné prostředí Ex
  • kompenzace axiláního vyosení
  • kompenzace radiálního vyosení
  • kompenzace úhlového vyosení
  • torzně pružné
  • relatively short shaft distance
  • tlumení torzních vybrací
  • bezúdržbové

Product features

  • 2-dílná hřídelová spojky pro přenos momentu a tlumení torzních vibrací

  • Snadná montáž axiálním sesazením dílů spojky

  • Bezúdržbová

  • Krátká konstrukční délka, malá vzdálenost hřídelí

  • Použití ve všeobecném strojírenství


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Technická podpora
T +420 461 325 014
E ktr-cz@ktr.com

The POLY-NORM® coupling is a torsionally-flexible, shear type shaft coupling. It has an axial plug-in design with a unique short overall length. The POLY-NORM® can be used in nearly all types of machinery and is ideal for the pump industry.


The coupling consists of two hubs, with fingers separated by elastomeric elements. The hubs are assembled blindly plugging the hub fingers into each other axially and the elastomer ring is trapped in a groove between both coupling hubs. The compact POLY-NORM® coupling transmits torque with the elastomer in compression.

Shaft misalignments, vibrations and shock loads are effectively absorbed by the POLYNORM ®.

The coupling is maintenance-free and used in general machinery, the pump industry and in compressors. Torques of up to 134,000 Nm are stocked in 22 different sizes and 7 designs. In addition to the standard coupling models, flange drop out center and spacer options are available in many variations. 

Variation of options

The coupling can be adapted to many applications due to the many options that are possible with the building block arrangement. The POLY-NORM® components of a given model can be mixed and matched with each other to obtain different shaft distances using the same basic component.

On request, we can provide customized variations of the POLY-NORM® to fit your needs – for example, our POLY-NORM® overload coupling with RUFLEX® torque limiter. Just ask us! 

ATEX standard

ATEX standard

This type are certified and confirmed according to directive 2014/34/EU as units of category 2G/2D and thus suitable for the use in hazardous areas of zone G1, G2, D21 and D22.