BoWex<sup>®</sup> FLE-PA přírubová tuhá spojka

BoWex® FLE-PA přírubová tuhá spojka

Product features

  • Torzně tuhá přírubová spojka

  • Aplikace: hydrostatická mobilní hydraulika

  • Vhodná pro motory s výkonem do 500 kW

  • Rozměry přírub dle SAE - J620


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Mobile machines mainly use I.C.-engines as a drive. On hydrostatic drives hydraulic pumps are directly connected, while the compressor unit is driven directly with mobile compressors. Both units are connected via a flange coupling. That is why it has to meet a large number of demands, while primarily it has to transmit the power reliably to ensure that the machine is in a position to perform the work as required.