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COUNTEX<sup>®</sup> spojka pro snímače

COUNTEX® spojka pro snímače

Product features

  • Hřídelová spojka bez torzní vůle

  • 3-dílná spojka na principu dvojitého kardanu

  • Malé rozměry – malé setrvačné hmoty

  • Snadná montáž nasunutím


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COUNTEX® is a three-parted, backlash-free and torsionally-stiff coupling mainly designed to meet the demands in measuring and control technology. Its axial plug-in ability combined with the geometry of hubs results in a coupling system with a specifically easy assembly offering options of mounting fitting with processing. The material of the spacer is resistant to high temperatures ensuring almost continuous properties of the coupling system with temperatures up to 160° C.


The measuring and control technology requires a high amount of torsion spring stiffness from the coupling to achieve reproducible positioning. At the same time the coupling needs to compensate for displacements without any big forces affecting the adjacent filigree components of the system.  The spacer of our COUNTEX® made of highly temperature-resistant nylon ensures an almost constant torsion spring stiffness even with high temperatures. The double-cardanic operating principle of COUNTEX® reduces the restoring forces to a minimum. Nevertheless it has very short dimensions which are excellently suitable for narrow mounting spaces.

Explosion-proof use

Explosion-proof use

Please read through our information included in the respective Type Examination Certificate and the operating and mounting instructions!