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RUFLEX® Standard - třecí pojistná spojka

RUFLEX<sup>®</sup> Standard - třecí pojistná spojka
  • backlash-free
  • slipping, seperating, non fail-safe
  • bezúdržbové

Product features

  • Omezovač kroutícího momentu – pojistná spojka s vysokou účinností danou použitím vysoce kvalitních materiálů

  • Ochrana proti přetížení až do 12.000 Nm

  • Kvalitní obložení zaručuje dlouhou životnost

  • Povrchová úprava – zinkování a žlutá pasivace

  • Jednoduché nastavení hodnoty momentu prokluzu standardními nástroji


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Technická podpora
T +420 461 325 014
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The RUFLEX® modular system is able to provide a solution for every drive. The combination with the well-approved KTR couplings and the integration of customer-specific drive components (e. g. sprockets) provides for an overload protection up to 12,000 Nm adapted to every application in an optimum way.

RUFLEX® Standard - třecí pojistná spojka
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Information about selection of torque limiters

To make sure that the torque limiter does not yet release with torque peaks related to the process, the switching torque of the coupling should exceed the maximum operating torque by at least 30 % (see diagramme).

Torque limiters and overload systems which re-engage automatically should only be used with a reduced speed for higher release torques. Frequent or longer slipping or ratching increases the wear of the torque limiter.

After the torque limiter has disconnected driving and driven side in case of overload, it may take some time before the drive comes to standstill because of a high inertia in the drive train. This may cause higher wear on the torque limiter and the overload system re-engaging automatically. That is why we recommend the use of the overload system KTR-SI as an idle rotation type for drives with big inertias or with higher speeds.

We basically recommend electronic monitoring of the torque limiters in order to protect the drive in case of overload.

We will be pleased to support you with technical questions and with the selection of torque limiters. For that purpose we dispose of the latest simulation and calculation programs. Here the following fact applies: The more detailed the data, the more accurate are the calculation results.