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Vlastnosti produktu

  • Clamping forces up to 12kN

  • Spring-activated (fail-safe), elektromechanically released

  • Extremely fast application-time

  • Mechanical manual operation

  • Integrated switches/sensors: "released" // "wear"

  • "Plug 'n Play" - low-maintenance

  • Easy replacement of brake pads

  • Suitable for harsh ambient conditions

  • Variable setting of clamping force by the manufacturer

  • Large pad surface for low surface pressure and low wear

  • Available in an optimised design with a one-piece cast caliper

  • Can be combined with our couplings ROTEX SBAN, POLY-NORM ADR-SBA and REVOLEX KX-D SB 

EMB-STOP brake systems mainly convince by their high reliability and efficiency. They are a flexible and clean solution for an extremely long operating period with low operating expenses and utmost safety of the plant.

EMB-STOP XS-P-xx-F - Options

  • Various types of AC and DC drives
  • Adapted brake pad materials for various applications
  • For low temperature applications on request
  • Individual mechanical interfaces on request