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TOOLFLEX<sup>®</sup> Metall bellow-type coupling

TOOLFLEX® Metall bellow-type coupling

Product features

  • Backlash-free, metal bellow-type coupling

  • Maintenance-free

  • Ambient temperatures from up to +200° C possible (dependent on size)

  • Torques from 0.1 up to 600 Nm

  • Couplings for power transmission, automation, medical technology, packaging technology, machine tools


The connection between bellow and hub is guaranteed by three different designs, dependent on the size. As for size 5 to size 12 the bellow is glued to the coupling hub, therefore ambient temperatures from -30° C to +100° C are permissible for these TOOLFLEX sizes. As for size 16 to size 45 the bellow-shaft connection is guaranteed by a flanged connection making sure for a torque transmission with each single bellow layer. The bellow-hub connection of the TOOLFLEX 55 and 65 is guaranteed through a welding connection.