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KTR Ident - Product Documentation and Traceability


Our solution to the requirements regarding "product documentation" and "traceability".


What is KTR Ident?

KTR Ident is our solution to the ever-increasing customer requirements regarding "product documentation" and "traceability".

KTR Ident collects all product-relevant data during the entire value-added process, prepares it in detail and issues it automatically - including all required documents such as certificates, test certificates etc.

KTR Ident identifies, documents and enables the traceability of product specifics, materials as well as manufacturing and assembly processes.

How does KTR Ident work?

The production and assembly-accompanying documentation takes place via an app that is installed on an industrial-grade smartphone (handheld). It communicates with SAP ERP, the central merchandise management system of KTR, optionally via wireless LAN or 4G. The app was developed by our IT department in Rheine.

Our suppliers, production plants and assembly stations are equipped with handhelds. They fill the app with all relevant data from the respective value creation section. Once entered, the data is immediately available in the ERP system. This allows downstream processes based on this data to start immediately.

Download: KTR Ident brochure