KTR - Product overview 
Torque limiters


  • Frictionally-engaged   
  • Torque adjustment in assembled condition   
  • Overload protection up to 6,800 Nm   
  • Important volume of wear and tear - long life cycle


  • Positive locking   
  • Backlash-free, torsionally stiff overload protection   
  • Switchoff of the drive in case of overload   
  • Easy integration of customer parts


  • Backlash-free torque transmission
  • Light-weight design
  • Declining spring characteristic
  • Overload protection up to 280 Nm


  • Positive locking   
  • Backlash-free shaft-hub connection   
  • Switchoff of the drive in case of overload   
  • Automatic readiness for working


KTR-SI FRE (idle rotation elements)

  • Idle-rotation safety clutch (load-separating)
  • Combination with ROTEX®, GEARex® or RADEX®-N for shaft-to-shaft connections
  • Setting range to 60,000 Nm (higher torques on request)