KTR - GEAREX - double cardanic - all-steel coupling 

Product characteristics

  • Double-cardanic all-steel coupling
  • High torques at small overall dimensions
  • The coupling complies with the AGMA Standard "9008-B00"
  • Range of use from - 20°C up to + 80°C
  • Application area, e. g. general engineering
  • pump drive
  • compressors
  • steel mill sector
  • Short-designed
  • Both hubs turned inwards
  • Shortest shaft distance dimension


Coupling description

GEARex® couplings made from steel with grease lubrication and toroidal sealing ring correspond to the international standard. Being flexible shaft connections they are suitable for a positive torque transmission. In addition, they ensure to compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.

GEARex® couplings are used in every range of general engineering requesting for high operating safety and a long service life resulting from the reliable grease lubrication of the crowned spline. The couplings are suitable for horizontal assembly. As special solutions they are suitable for vertical assembly, too.

Numerous coupling sizes for a torque transmission from 930 Nm to 820.000 Nm with shaft dimensions up to a maximum of Ø 450 mm are available. The coupling torques may be increased by using special materials.

GEARex® couplings are in correspondence with the AGMA standard (American Gear Manufacturer Association). Small dimensions and a low weight along with a small mass moment of inertia result in a wide range of applications of GEARex® couplings.

Operating principle
Explosion protection use